Parent & Child Classes

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Parent & Child Elective Classes For Babies, Toddlers, & Children

Fun, Flexible Classes for Babies, Toddlers, & Children
    • Classes Meet Once Per Week, Four Times Per Month
    • 1.5 Hour Class Sessions (Including Discovery Play Before and After Each Lesson)*
    • Although Not Required, We Strongly Recommend Six Months of Classes For Your Child’s Optimal Development

    *Spanish & Mandarin Immersion are 1hour classes, with playtime incorporated.

Our developmental classes are designed to stimulate brain development and literacy growth. We offer a unique program that grows with you and your child. In addition, many of our parent & child classes are geared towards multiple age levels, this way siblings can attend sessions together.


Our Unique Parent & Child Approach

Parent/caretaker participation is an extremely important aspect of our program and is essential during our parent & child developmental classes. However, our goal is to help your child transition into kindergarten and elementary school, so if your child is ready, we will encourage them to participate in certain activities without your help. At Growing Brilliant, parents learn just as much as the children. We are your developmental partners!


Creative Arts Class (18months-5years)

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this fun & interactive class! Each week, a different theme is reinforced in each class through storytelling, drama, dance, & art. There is plenty of room for role play and interaction. Children and babies alike will explore their creativity while building their vocabularies, fine motor skills, and literacy awareness. Art class for babies and children evokes the creativity that kids need to properly develop.

Music & Movement Class (6months-6years)

Early exposure to music has been shown to stimulate brain development in preschool aged children and babies. At Growing Brilliant your child can participate in a magical world of song and melody though this family style music class. Children and kids will move, dance, and sing along to interactive songs and music written especially for early learners. Both new and familiar songs will encourage vocabulary growth & interaction. In each class, babies and toddlers will also have a chance to explore an array of musical instruments. For older, more independent kids and children, we offer a Music II option which introduces a more advanced music class.

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Spanish Immersion Class (2-5years)

Many children around the world speak more than one language. In several studies, bilingualism has recently been linked to higher academic achievement. At Growing Brilliant we believe that young children are especially receptive to new languages. Immerse your child in the Spanish language through rhymes, props, stories, and songs. This class is designed for babies, toddlers, & preschoolers. It’s never too early to start. As your child grows, you can arrange language tutoring, which will expand their skills.

Mandarin Immersion Class(2-5years)

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world. Over one billion people speak Mandarin. At Growing Brilliant, you can start introducing your child to this prevalent language early on. Young children are engaged in the language through the use of rhymes, songs, stories, and props. If you would like to continue exposing your child to Mandarin as they grow, we offer private tutoring sessions for preschool & elementary students.

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