Beginner Preschool Science Experiment

Sink and Float Experiment



Beginner Preschool Science Experiment

Almost all children love playing with water, so why not try a sink and float experiment with different items found in your home? This experiment is sure to bring a lot of questions about why they think the items will sink or float. This is a great way to engage their curiosity and learn the consequences of weighted items. It is also a wonderful beginner preschool science experiment as they learn new vocabulary words such as buoyancy and density.

About The Science Experiment

In the preschool classroom, this is always an exciting beginner science experiment because the children are guessing all sorts of outcomes. Some will say “float” and some say “sink”! Their eyes of excitement when they notice it sinks or floats is amazing. They really enjoy this experiment so much that they will excitedly look around for more items to try.

Our Experiment

To try this fun experiment, we wanted to see if the items we chose would sink or float.

  1. We made a boat out of aluminum foil and placed it into a container of water. 
  2. We chose small lego’s, plastic beads, and pom-poms for our experiment. 
  3. Once we tested our items with the aluminum boat, we tried placing the items into the container of water to see if the results were the same as in the boat. Guess what? There was a different outcome in that some items sank to the bottom whereas in the aluminum boat they floated.

Items Needed For This Activity

*Container of water

*Small piece of aluminum foil

*Items that may sink or float


Beginner Preschool Science Experiment Beginner Preschool Science Experiment Beginner Preschool Science Experiment


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