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  • Our Favorite Black History Month Books for Kids

    February is Black History Month! While your child is learning about Black inventors, leaders, and historical figures, it’s a great time to start the conversation about diversity, inclusion, and self-acceptance with your young child. Books are a great way to introduce big, complex ideas to your child in ways that they can understand and build […]


  • Our Favorite Farm Books for Kids

      From barnyard animals to tractor rides, there’s something about a good farm book that kids just love. There can be so many adventures on the farm while learning so much about animals at the same time! So, in celebration of our “On the Farm” theme this month in our online classes, we put together […]


  • Children’s Books About Kindness and Community Helpers

    These great children’s books about kindness and community helpers will help you talk to your child about the community helpers in their lives and the ways they can be kind to those around them. We’re exploring ourselves and our community this month in our online preschool classes and these books are great to read at […]


  • Best Children’s Books About Forests

    Children’s Books About Forests for Preschoolers This month we’re learning all about forests and the trees and animals that live in them in our online preschool classes. We thought we’d help you continue the learning at home by finding the best children’s books about forests, forest activities, and forest conservation to read to your child. […]


  • Fairytale and Sci-Fi Books to Read Aloud to Preschoolers

      Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum have we got some wonderful fairytale and sci-fi books to read aloud to your preschooler! Reading is wonderful for the imagination. It allows your preschooler to explore, dream, and wonder. Children love it when their parents or preschool teachers read to them. Sometimes your preschooler will want you to read the same book […]