Preschool Classes for Kids in Rocklin, CA (Drop Off Style Programs)

Drop Off Classes (Grades PreK-3rd)

Our drop off classes are designed to reinforce important skills needed for elementary school and beyond. These enrichment programs were designed by a credentialed elementary school teacher to help young children advance. Our small group sessions focus on important reading, math, phonics, and writing goals.

Grades PreK-3rd Grade
Masters »
Grades PreK-3rd Grade
Readers »
Ages 3-5yrs
Readiness »

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Our Educational Classes for Children – More Than Just a Fun Activity

We offer much more than a fun activity! Your child will receive many benefits while attending our programs. Our teachers focus on key skills needed for success in elementary school. Each activity and lesson is designed to promote intellectual, physical, and social growth. We also work on creativity and cognition of the world.



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