Our Preschool Academy Stands Above The Rest


How We Are Different

The core of our academy’s philosophy is structured learning & guided play.

Experienced & loving teachers, low student to teacher ratios, safe and secure environment, development based curriculum, daily communication with parents, fun developmental activities, all in a brand new facility! You’ll definitely love our Preschool Academy!

Clean Air Systems

Does your child’s preschool have an air filtration system? Growing Brilliant is outfitted with (4) state of the art air purifying systems. Not because we have to, but because we want the best for your child. Our air systems will capture and kill micron size particles resulting in less sick time and a better quality of life.

Organic Food Options

Your child’s health, fitness and overall wellness are very important to us.  That is why we feature all organic food offerings for our meals and snacks.


    • Safety and security are of paramount importance at Growing Brilliant Preschool Academy. We go to great lengths to ensure all of the children learn in a safe and secure environment. This gives our families the peace of mind they deserve.
    • Each family checks their children in and out though our state of the art system.
    • The director keeps a log with name, address, and phone number of the people authorized to pick up each child. A child may only be released to authorized people.
    • Visitors are met by the front desk staff and required to sign in, as well as show a form of ID to prove their identity.

Experienced and Loving Teachers

    • Our teachers are painstakingly selected by the owner and director to be top quality. They have the perfect mix of experience, knowledge of child development, and loving attitudes. Hundreds of teachers apply to work at our early childhood school, but only a small percentage are chosen. We have the best and brightest teachers in the area. You and your child deserve nothing less!


    • Daily classroom updates and photos
    • Activity logs posted or sent home daily
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Family Connection Postings

Our Unique Approach

    • Learning is fun! When children are having fun, attention is kept, retention is higher, and development happens. All of our lessons are unique and engaging. We pride ourselves in our rigorous, yet hands-on approach.
    • Children will play, explore, grow, and most of all learn!

Preschool Academy Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, and customized program that provides children the highest quality care and early learning experiences. We collaborate with parents to provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.

At our Growing Brilliant preschool center, we provide an environment where children thrive in multiple ways, while building confidence and social skills. Our program is well-rounded and includes State Common Core Standards, as well as Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs) that meet the needs of the whole child. Our balanced approach is engaging, challenging, and fun. Each day, children are actively involved in hands-on activities that stimulate their curiosity.

We individualize each child’s program to meet their specific needs by creating a custom learning plan. These plans are created based on input from both parents and teachers. Our highly qualified teachers are educated with state standards and use that knowledge to design unique, creative and fun activities. Teachers will engage children in early language and literacy development, as well as other key subject areas, in order to provide a well-rounded experience. Growing Brilliant curriculum is advanced and structured, yet age appropriate, engaging and fun!

Our Preschool Learning Center Philosophy

In a few words, we offer Structured Learning & Guided Play.

A focus on each child’s individual physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development is the foundation of the philosophy at Growing Brilliant. Our curriculum is based on years of testing and research. We strive to involve parents in our theme-based experiences, as we believe that parents are each child’s first and most important teachers.

At Growing Brilliant, we pride ourselves on developing responsible, life-long learners. Our early childhood educators model and inspire children to explore and be curious about their world. We believe that positive and nurturing early developmental programs provide the best foundation for life. We value positive social experiences. Our teachers work to guide children as they develop communication skills that will help them build confidence and awareness about their world.

Growing Brilliant offers a uniquely balanced and safe learning environment while you are away from your child. Meaningful early experiences set the stage for success later in life. Our program is focused on preparing the whole child for elementary school, the real world, and beyond.

Are you looking for preschool learning center, early childhood preschool or all day child care center? Our Preschool Academy is the right place for your child! We offer a safe and secure environment, where children are well-cared for with the appropriate amount of adult interaction and structure.

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