January Online Preschool Theme: Amazing Artists

Our January Online Preschool Theme – Amazing Artists

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Our online preschool theme for January is “Amazing Artists.” We are excited to explore our creativity by learning about various artists, types of art, and learning new art techniques! We will explore the art of dance and music as well! Example concepts our amazing teachers will focus on are singing scales, color schemes, the color wheel, textures, painting, and sculpting. These concepts will enhance our student’s fine motor skills, creativity, cause and effect recognition, spatial awareness, and listening comprehension skills.

Here is a quick peek at what we have in store for our online preschool in the month of January:

Famous Artists

We have many exciting and engaging activities planned for our Amazing Artists in our online preschool to learn about famous artists such as:

  • Vincent VanGogh, the infamous Starry Night artist
  • George Seuret, best known for devising the painting techniques known as pointillism.
  • Georgia O’Keefe, known for her paintings of enlarged flowers
  • Wassily Kandinsky, who is famous for abstract art

Textures in Art

Textures are key in the world of art. We will talk about, demonstrate, and create different ways to incorporate texture in the children’s art projects and activities. We will use the mediums from all different items such as foil, tissue paper, clay, natural wood, just to name a few.

Drawing and Lines

Artists are also considered to be authors and illustrators. In our online preschool classes, we will talk about their job, what they do, and how they create books by drawing animations with lines and shapes.

There is a lot to learn with our theme, Amazing Artists. We want to cover all areas of this fine art and the possibilities are endless. We are so excited to see what our “Amazing Artists” come up with! For more art ideas, visit our Pinterest board.

If you would like your child to join us at Growing Brilliant in our online preschool, please follow this link to schedule a free trial class. We can get them started very quickly so they can also be an Amazing Artist with us!