Learning Science in Preschool

Magic Milk Science Experiment

learning science in preschool

Learning science in preschool is one of the many ways to boost a child’s curiosity and expand their vocabulary with new experiences and objects around them. Something as simple as milk, food coloring, and dish soap creates an engaging learning experience that incorporates a cool science experiment! This Magic Milk Science Experiment will make your child, and possibly even you, say “wow” when the dish soap meets the food coloring. 


Science in Preschool

Science lessons in preschool are often disguised as mixing paint colors or watching a bean turn into a sprout. It can be planting flowers or a garden. Or maybe even measuring and graphing the objects that they are monitoring and exploring. Whatever the lesson may be, children tend to love science time. Children are having so much fun with the “experiment” that they don’t know that they’re actually learning science. Our Growing Brilliant preschool teachers place a lot of thought and learning intention into their lessons that they will teach their students. Showing children the process of the science experiment peaks their curiosity about the natural world and how it works. It engages their curiosity and begins their questioning skills. Believe it or not, science that is taught at preschool level is the beginning of the chemistry learning process. 


Magic Milk Science Experiment

This Magic Milk Science Experiment is one that can be done over and over again because it is so much fun to watch the colors move and swirl around. See below for the materials that are needed as well as the instructions. 



  • Milk
  • Plate or another shallow container
  • Food coloring
  • Cotton balls or Q-tips
  • Colored dish soap


  1. Pour milk onto the plate or into another shallow container until the bottom is covered.
  2. Add several drops of food coloring scattered over the surface of the milk. For the best results, try not to mix the food coloring together.
  3. Dip a cotton ball or Q-tip into the colored dish soap.
  4. Place the soap covered cotton ball or Q-tip into the center of the plate or container.
  5. The colors will magically swirl through the milk.
  6. You can dip additional cotton balls or Q-tips into the dish soap and then place them throughout the container into the milk. The food coloring will swirl in different directions.

learning science in preschoollearning science in preschoolmagic milk science experimentmagic milk science experiment


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