Magic Writing Preschool Activity

The Mystery of Magic Writing! 

This magic writing preschool activity is a lot of fun. It is also a mystery to children because the writing magically appears with watercolors. You can draw shapes, people, or animals, and even letters and numbers. Anything that you can imagine can be found with just a little bit of watercolor paint and a paintbrush. Have fun with this easy DIY activity.

What Does This Magic Activity Teach Children? 

This magic writing preschool activity is a perfect pre-writing and writing activity for ages 2 and older. For beginner writers of preschool age, it offers them the opportunity to use their imagination to draw squiggles and lines. It teaches them how to hold the crayon (this is the secret explained later on) and place it on paper without having to know how to write. Because some letters, numbers, and shapes can be a challenge, they can simply use the crayon to draw onto the paper. For older children who are comfortable with writing letters, words, and numbers, they can use the crayon to write on the paper. They can use it for drawing scenery as well. So, using this activity encourages and teaches children how to master their fine motor and pre-writing skills.  


Materials Needed:

  1. White paper
  2. White crayon
  3. Watercolor paints
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Small container of water


Directions To Create Your Magic Writing Activity

  1. Get a white piece of paper and draw or write on the paper with a white crayon (it needs to be a white crayon so it looks invisible on the white paper – that’s how the magic happens!
  2. Dip the paintbrush into the water to dampen the bristles.
  3. Choose a color from the watercolor palette and swipe it across the paper.
  4. Keep painting until all of the letters, numbers, drawings, etc are revealed!

Magic Writing Preschool Activity Magic Writing Preschool Activity Magic Writing Preschool Activity

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