Online Halloween Puppet Show

Halloween Puppet Show

Halloween is quickly approaching and we wanted to have a little fun with a Halloween Puppet Show for our online preschool students and families. Our puppet show engages the children by using their listening and fine motor skills. They listen for cues from Ms. Lisa, answer questions, and sing along. Their motor skills are used when they make hand and finger gestures that correlate with what the song is about. Children love watching puppets and hearing the story or song. It is easy to make your own puppets if you’d like. You can find any cut-out at stores or online. Simply attach to a popsicle stick with glue or tape. Find a story or song to go along with the cut-out, and there you go, a puppet show right in your own home!

What a great Online Halloween puppet show with Ms. Lisa for our virtual preschool! Watch this fun and interactive video to meet our puppet friends and sing along with the sounds they make.


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