Preschool Programs: Folsom, CA

Folsom Preschool Programs

Growing Brilliant Folsom Preschool offers structured learning and guided play philosophy. We pride ourselves on our educational based curriculum. We integrate real life learning strategies into our preschool such as an organic garden run by the students and a hands on learning approach. Our preschool serves ages infant to 6 years.

See below for a list of the preschool and infant programs offered at our Folsom preschool location.

Baby & Infant Preschool & Daycare Program

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Brilliant Babies Program: Itsy Bitsy Spiders (Ages 6weeks-1yr)

Our Folsom infant program is designed around a simple concept: create a loving and safe learning environment for babies. There are an array of developmental activities planned for our infants on a daily basis. Infants in our program get personal care by loving and qualified teachers. Our ratios are better than the state requirements to allow personal attention the babies attending the infant preschool program.

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Toddler Preschool and Daycare Program

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Our toddler preschool program in Folsom builds on the core concepts learned in the infant program. Children will begin to learn shapes numbers and colors with our custom curriculum plan. We also introduce early literacy skills and instill a love for reading. Toddlers will learn through a variety of hands on centers as well as through the daily learning routines that they experience. All is designed to develop the child socially, intellectually and physically.

Early Explorers I Program: Caterpillars (Ages 1-2yrs)

At Growing Brilliant, our early toddler program develops social awareness and exploration. Cognitive and motor development are enhanced as children have the space to physically explore their world. Guided play, hands-on learning centers, and daily routines are introduced.

Early Explorers II Program (Toddler Option): Fireflies (Ages 1.5-2.5yrs)

Our toddler preschool program develops social awareness and helps children to build friendships. The Early Explorers II class provides a seamless transition between our infant and preschool programs. Cognitive and motor development are enhanced as children engage in hands-on learning activities. Daily routines help children feel safe and comfortable, knowing what to expect next builds trust and security. Independence and self-help skills are also reinforced. 

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Preschool and Daycare Program

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Little Learners I Program: Imagineers (Ages 2-3yrs)

Our preschool program is designed to further develop and educate the preschool aged child in a fun setting. Students will help maintain our organic garden as well as other hands on learning activities. Preschoolers will learn in centers through daily educational based routines. Routines will be built around the premise of structured learning and guided play. Early math will be introduced along with reinforcing reading skills. Vocabulary will be built through stories, songs and educational activities. Creative arts will also be used through dramatic play activities.

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Preschool II and Daycare Program


Little Learners II Program: Little Owls (Ages 3-4yrs)

Our preschool 2 program builds on the fundamentals learned in preschool 1. Preschool age children will feature structured routine time focused on discovery and learning. Fine motor development, language, literacy, math and science are all a part of the daily routines. Music and art activities are also integrated into the preschoolers day, offering a fun learning environment. Teachers have the flexibility to customize the learning experience to each child based on their interested and needs.

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Pre-Kindergarten & Transitional Kindergarten Programs


Kindergarten Readiness I: Discovers (Ages 3.5-4.5yrs)

Our pre-k program is designed to prepare young learners for kindergarten. They will engage in small and large group activities designed to work on socialization and teamwork. Reading and sight words are introduced based on their readiness. Kindergarten math and science skills are also integrated into the curriculum. In addition to the academic focus, there is also plenty of time for guided play, art, and hands-on exploration!

Kindergarten Readiness II (TK): Superstars (Ages 4-5yrs)

In our transitional kindergarten, the primary goal is to prepare the child for elementary school through social situations and educational curriculum that aligns with what they will see in kindergarten. Phonics, letter recognition, and sight words are incorporated. Children also practice writing and develop fine motor skills. Common core math skills are introduced. Our fun learning stations introduce academic goals in an exciting, hands-on fashion.

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