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A focus on the whole child is the foundation of the philosophy at Growing Brilliant Preschool Academy Natomas. We inspire your children to value their development for its intrinsic worth. We will work with you, setting the stage for their future educational milestones. We understand that positive early development provides the best foundation for life. You’ll love our preschool program!

At Growing Brilliant Preschool Academy, young children learn through structured education and exploration. Our Natomas campus offers a safe and nurturing environment, where children are well-cared for with the appropriate amount of adult interaction and structure. This sets the stage for a lifetime of learning and healthy development!

Full-time and part-time hours available. We offer flexible schedules to meet the needs of your family! Ages 6wks-6yrs. Call us today for current rates and availability!

Preschool Education Programs in Natomas, CA:

Baby & Infant Preschool and Daycare Program

Brilliant Babies: Ages 0-1 Years


Our infant program in Natomas, CA is designed to provide babies with a variety of skills to build confidence for further discovery. The classroom environment is uniquely designed to encourage curiosity and exploration. Language development, sensory play, and socialization are key components.

    • Nurturing, personal, individual care
    • Sensory play
    • Safe sleep standards
    • Infant ASL (American Sign Language)
    • Early skill acquisition including vocalization and fine motor development
    • Age appropriate toys and materials
    • Daily parent communication

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Toddler Preschool and Daycare Program

Early Explorers: Ages 1-2 Years


The journey of discovery continues in our toddler classes as children develop social awareness and build friendships. Cognitive and motor development are enhanced as children have the space to physically explore their world. Learning centers and daily routines are introduced.

    • Children begin to learn shapes, colors, and numbers
    • Early literacy skills
    • Daily routines are introduced
    • Toddlers learn though a balanced program
    • Creative arts & dramatic play
    • Learning centers
    • Hands-on activities build dexterity and coordination

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Preschool and Daycare Program

Little Learners I: Ages 2-3 Years


Preschool children continue to develop as curiosity grows. We provide opportunities for individuality and independence. The curriculum is infused with self-selected activities to further language, physical, and cognitive development. Structured learning time is also integrated.

    • Early math and reading skills are developed
    • Children follow daily routines
    • Learning centers
    • Stories, songs, and rhymes build vocabulary
    • Creative arts & dramatic play
    • Supported socialization with positive role models
    • Spanish immersion is introduced

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Preschool II and Daycare Program

Little Learners II: Ages 3-4 Years


Little Learners II students are ready for phonics and letter sounds which sets the stage for literacy development. Critical thinking and problem solving develop as children express themselves and learn about the world around them. Math skills such as counting, patterns, and number recognition are also a central focus.

    • Structured routines with large blocks of time for focused learning and discovery
    • Learning centers for language, literacy, math, and science
    • Interest based learning and child directed inquiry
    • Fine motor development and writing activities
    • Music and Art Activities
    • Gross motor development & healthy habits
    • Spanish immersion is integrated

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Pre Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Readiness: Ages 4-5 Years


At Growing Brilliant, our Kindergarten Readiness students are prepped for a formal kindergarten program. Their enthusiasm for learning and discovery is captured in a structured, yet holistic program that fully develops their readiness for the next stage. This program includes character development and global awareness.

    • Engaging small and large group opportunities
    • Music & movement
    • Children are introduced to reading as they become ready
    • Sight word recognition and basic concept knowledge
    • Kindergarten math skills are introduced
    • Character education is introduced
    • Spanish immersion is integrated
    • Technology is introduced

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Transitional Kindergarten Program

TK Program: Ages 4-5 Years


The year before kindergarten lays the foundation for academic success. Our Transitional Kindergartners work on reading goals and phonics mastery. Writing skills are also addressed. The foundation for math learning is introduced through fun games and hands-on activities. National Common Core Standards are introduced. Our Transitional Kindergarten program also includes character development and global awareness.

    • Engaging small and large group opportunities
    • Reading and writing
    • Sight word recognition and basic concept knowledge
    • Kindergarten math skills are covered
    • Character education is reinforced
    • Spanish immersion is integrated
    • Children become comfortable using education based technology

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After School Program

School Age: Ages 5-12 Years


School-age children come to our center after school for a fun and safe environment. We provide both academic and interest based activities in our before and after school programs. Students can choose after school elective classes from a list of unique programs including Spanish, music, art, dance, martial arts, and more! Our before and after school program is led by a qualified teacher in a structured, age appropriate setting.

    • Homework support
    • Reading & math advancement
    • Enriching, interest-based activities
    • Elective classes &  programs
    • Spanish, music, art, dance, and more!
    • Leadership and social entrepreneurial skills
    • Structured and supervised physical activities

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Preschool Academy Overview

The combination of a well-planned environment and positive relationships stimulate development and allow children to thrive. When children are provided with the highest quality preschool experience they discover meaning, context and relevance. You will find that Growing Brilliant preschool caregivers are genuine role models. The integrity of our preschool learning environment is central to our success. Our preschool teachers foster discipline by setting reasonable limits. Our teachers allow for flexibility, individuality, and collective problem solving.

Meeting the needs of our families and providing quality educational experiences is our highest priority. Partnering with parents to create an individualized educational experience, tailored specifically to your child’s interests, needs, and goals, is our mission. We also provide parents with regular updates on each child’s progress, though photos, notes, and conferences.

Are you looking for preschool learning center, early childhood preschool or all day childcare center? Our Preschool Academy is the right place for your child! We offer a safe and secure environment, where children are well cared for with the appropriate amount of adult interaction and structure.

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