Private Kindergarten Program: Roseville, CA


Private Kindergarten Program Components 

A Premium Private Kindergarten Education

Our private kindergarten located in Roseville offers your child the premium education they deserve. We are situated on 1.5 acres of beautiful, private and wooded property. Your child will experience an education unlike any other. We offer full day (8:30-6:30) and partial day (8:30-2) kindergarten for your convenience.

At Growing Brilliant, intellectual and social experiences are formalized in our private kindergarten program that meets the needs of an emerging elementary student. Our balanced program includes all content areas. National Kindergarten Common Core Standards drive instruction. Opportunities for creative pursuits continue where global and environmental understanding are expanded. The program is blended with the added use of technology.

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Private Kindergarten Program Features: Roseville

    • Fully qualified & credentialed teachers to educate kindergarten students
    • Very small class sizes, no more than 14 students per teacher
    • Common core taught through a more hands on approach than public school
    • Teaching is intentional, integrated, and blended
    • Hands-on, project based learning
    • Comprehensive national standards, with a strong academic focus
    • Children read and write independently
    • Regular reports and parent conferences

Our Private Kindergarten Curriculum Uses Common Core & High Scope Standards

Private Kindergarten Physical Development

    • Our kindergartners learn to demonstrate strength, flexibility, balance, and timing while using large muscles for games and physical exercises. Our beautiful campus is located on one acre of land, providing lots of outdoor space for exercise.
    • Growing Brilliant students are exposed to healthy attitudes and practices by linking body awareness with health and wellness. Our kindergartners will carry out their own personal care routines and learn to make healthy choices.

Kindergarten Social and Emotional Development

    • In our private kindergarten program, historical empathy for how people lived and worked long ago reinforces the concept of civic behavior. How we interact respectfully with each other, follow rules, and respect the rights of others, are essential pieces of the curriculum. These ideas are further supported in the elements of the character education program.

Kindergarten Intellectual Development

    • Kindergarten students will begin reading at their individual levels while understanding multiple concepts of print. Our students begin writing simple words, sentences, and paragraphs.
    • Our kindergartners develop spatial awareness, measurement, patterning, and data analysis skills by engaging in hands-on projects within thematic units. They use the standards for mathematical practice to explore various mathematical concepts.
    • Our students learn about the natural and physical world. They learn how interdependent relationships in ecosystems function. They learn about weather and climate as well as how to respond to severe weather.

Kindergarten Cognition and Knowledge of the World

    • Growing Brilliant kindergartners are introduced to basic spatial, temporal, and causal relationships, emphasizing geographic and historical connections between today and long ago. Stories of ordinary and extraordinary people introduce the concepts of courage, self-control, justice, heroism, leadership, deliberation, and individual responsibility.
    • Our children learn to express and represent their thoughts and imagination through music and movement. They learn to appreciate music and instruments. Students have opportunities for imitation and pretend during free choice and scheduled outdoor times.
    • Growing Brilliant children learn to appreciate and gain interest of various creative styles and artists.
    • Spanish vocabulary is increased through stories, songs, and conversation. Children will begin to create and read simple sentences in Spanish.

Try a Free Introductory Day! 

Growing Brilliant Preschool Academy Address

1622 Sierra Gardens Drive, Roseville, CA 95661

Phone: (916) 751-9269


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