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  • 4 Ways to Raise a Thankful Child

    Raising a thankful child is an essential lifelong process that can begin as young as 18 months old. According to Sanford Health, “By age two, your child will begin saying “thank you” to others. Your child will not be able to express appreciation but is aware adults will do things to make him or her […]


  • 6 Ways Your Child Can Be A Community Helper

      Help your child discover the joy of helping and giving to others with these six ways your child can become a community helper. We’re learning all about our communities, the people who live in them, and the jobs they do in our online preschool classes this month. Now it’s your child’s turn to become […]


  • Age Appropriate Chores For Children

    Chores are a great way to start teaching your child about responsibility and how to be a productive member of your family, but knowing what are age-appropriate chores for children is a bit harder. We’ve put together a list to get you started with some chores that are perfect for every age group and discuss […]


  • Parenting Tips: How to Support Your Children as They Grow Up

    Photo via Rawpixel Throughout their lives, our children will benefit from the encouragement and guidance we provide when they are young. Good support can give your kids the tools they need to cope with the changing world around them as they grow up and venture out on their own. However, knowing the best ways to […]