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  • Fun Forest Activities For Preschoolers

    This month we’re learning all about forests and the trees and animals that live in them in our online preschool classes. Children have been reading, singing songs, counting, and creating art that is all about forests. We’ve helped out parents and caregivers just like you by putting together this list of fun, forest activities for […]


  • Fun DIY Fantasy Activities for Preschoolers

      Once upon a time… there was a magical place where you can find fun and entertaining DIY activities for preschoolers called Growing Brilliant! A magical place where all of the research for the best and most fun preschool activities is done for you. Welcome! Now sit back and start scrolling through these great fun […]


  • Coffee Filter Flower Preschool Activity

    What fun it is to celebrate Springtime with a coffee filter flower preschool activity. The colors mixed together shining through a window is a perfect presentation. This activity is perfect for any age as it only requires a couple of items to complete. Read on to see how these pretty, colorful flowers are created.   […]


  • Salt Painting STEAM Preschool Activity

    Salt Painting Preschool Activity Try this simple salt painting STEAM preschool activity. Preschool kids seem to have a great time with crafts such as this when they can see the process from start to finish. This salt painting is easy enough for all ages because it only involves a couple of items to complete a […]


  • Magic Writing Preschool Activity

    The Mystery of Magic Writing!  This magic writing preschool activity is a lot of fun. It is also a mystery to children because the writing magically appears with watercolors. You can draw shapes, people, or animals, and even letters and numbers. Anything that you can imagine can be found with just a little bit of […]