A Day In The Life Of A Homeschool Family – Ages 2 & 9

As a homeschool family, our days can be somewhat unpredictable, but we do have a general routine. My 2-year-old wakes up between 7-8am, while my 9-year-old likes to sleep until about 8-9am. My older daughter starts her independent work right away in the morning. We are using an online program called Acellus for our 9-year-old, so sometimes she even does her work from her bed! 

The Morning

In the morning, my toddler and I sometimes play games or go outside. Right now she loves this little fishing game where she gets to pull fish out with a fishing pole. It helps reinforce her color recognition because I ask her what color the fish are that she catches. It is also great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! She will usually have her breakfast around this time too.

Class Time!

Around 9:20 we start getting ready for Growing Brilliant’s Online Preschool Class. We check the supplies for the day and get everything setup. My older daughter likes to help with this too and enjoys watching her sister do the classes while she has her own breakfast. We join the class at 9:30 and my daughter loves being greeted by name by her teacher and saying hello to the other children.

Distractions Are A Part Of Learning

During class, my daughter sometimes gets a little distracted. Either by her sister or by toys, or something else she sees in the room. This is totally normal and okay! I just leave the computer up and keep watching the teacher myself. Eventually she comes back over and joins in again. Sometimes it feels a little awkward as the parent, but I have to remember that she is working to build her attention span and each week it gets better and better. The teacher obviously doesn’t mind at all! 

So Fun!

She loves the portion of the class where they do the art or hands-on activity. She enjoys showing off her supplies to the other students and then the final project at the end. The teacher does a wonderful job of guiding her through each step and giving her encouragement along the way. 

Growing Brilliant Is My Educational Partner

What is awesome about Growing Brilliant is that after the 45 minute class, she is done for the day and we are free to do whatever activities we choose! She typically learns more in the 45 minute class than she would in an entire day at traditional school. We love going to the park, play groups, swimming or doing other activities. I can rest assured knowing she is getting a solid academic foundation that will prepare her eventually for kindergarten. Also, the classes are totally online, so when we travel, the program comes with us! We just bring a computer and the materials box and we are good to go! 

For me, the best part of Growing Brilliant is the time I get to spend with my toddler. I get to watch my daughter learn and be a part of that experience. She will only be little once, and this time in her life is so precious. Everyday she learns something new!  I don’t want to miss these moments and, thanks to Growing Brilliant, I can be with her as much as possible!

Being An Involved Parent Is Doing Many Things

As a parent, you aim to provide your children with love, safety, comfort, education, nutrition, social skills, health, and mental well-being. Growing Brilliant’s program is designed to support you in fostering your child’s intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Think of them as your educational and developmental partner.

The best part, you can try a class free here. You don’t need even need a credit card.

Lisa Hansen Ed.D.