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Early Explorers Ages 2-3

A fun, innovative approach to early learning based on proven methods

Fun, Social, Activity-Based Classes For 2 to 3-Year-Olds

Set the stage for fun and learning with our Early Explorers program for toddlers. Our activity-based program is designed to engage 2-3-year-olds through hands-on activities led by experienced teachers. Children will learn through creating, making art, socializing, singing, dancing, and more. Our program provides a strong foundation in math, literacy, art, science, and vocabulary building that will last a lifetime.

Early Learning Made Fun

Our Early Explorers program is the perfect mix of fun and hands-on learning for 2 to 3-year-olds. Teachers lead exciting activity-based classes using materials we ship to you. Classes are taught live, through video chat, with other children from around the U.S. Our 45min classes meet 1, 2, 3, or 5 days per week – you choose your schedule.

A Few Examples Of Learning-Based Activities From Our Classes

When we say our classes are hands-on, we mean it! Children will use supplies from the curriculum box in each class. They will learn through creating, designing, coloring, building, and so much more! 

Introduction to Core Subjects Through Hands-On Experiences

Subjects like early math, art, science, reading, and more are covered through hands-on activities. Lessons are centered around a fun monthly theme and guided by a qualified preschool teacher. Our early learning program will introduce your child to the following:

  • Early Literacy Skills
  • Socialization
  • Songs & Music
  • Science
  • Art Skills
  • Early Math and Counting
  • Classify, Sort, and Categorize Objects
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Colors & Art Concepts
  • Shapes & Numbers
  • Textures and Textile Experiences
  • Dexterity & Coordination
  • Imaginative Play
  • So Much More!


A quality learning experience at home for a fraction of the cost of in-person preschool! Your child will participate in 45-minute classes packed full of fun activities.

45-Minute Classes

1, 2, 3, or 5-day weekly class schedules

Choose a class time between 6:30 am and 4 pm PST

A one-time $35 registration fee covers the cost of initial materials


Per Week

Siblings 50% Off

1 Day A Week Schedule

One 45-minute class per week

Choose any weekday

This option is good for those looking to introduce structure, fun, and exposure to developmental concepts into their child’s schedule. You will receive a materials box upon enrollment.


Per Week

Siblings 50% Off

2 Day A Week Schedule

Two 45-minute classes per week

Choose any two weekdays

This option is good for those looking to introduce more structure, fun, and exposure to developmental concepts into their child’s schedule. You will receive materials upon enrollment.


Per Week

Siblings 50% Off

3 Day A Week Schedule

Three 45-minute classes per week

Choose any three weekdays

This option is a great fit for those looking to provide regular structure, fun, educational experience, and development for their child during the week. You will receive materials upon enrollment.


Per Week

Siblings 50% Off

5 Day A Week Schedule

Five 45-minute classes per week

This is the perfect option for those looking to give their child a daily developmental experience and introduce educational concepts and socialization. You will receive materials upon enrollment.

Our Approach Is New, But Our Methods Are Time-Tested

We have educated preschool children for nearly a decade, and we know how they learn best. Our classes are kept smaller to encourage as much interaction with their teachers and classmates. Classes are taught in a private Zoom session by our amazing and qualified teachers. Children do a variety of hands-on activities in each class to really bring what they are learning to life. In every 45-minute class, we will incorporate the following:

  • Listening and Engaging through Stories & Music
  • Hands-on Learning Activities
  • Vocabulary Building Using Visual Cues & Simple Sign Language
  • Relationship Building and Interaction with Teachers and Peers
  • Guided Gross Motor Activities

We Ship You A Curriculum Box Filled With Materials Used In Our Classes

The Early Explorers curriculum box includes ALL of these items! The cost of your starter material box is included in the one-time $35 enrollment fee (normally $75!).

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