The Perfect Preschool Alternative

HIgh-Quality, Hands-On, At-Home Learning Program for Ages 2-6

Growing Brilliant is perfect for families who are not ready for drop off preschool, or just looking for a more convenient alternative. Our program offers many of the same educational and social benefits as a traditional preschool, but at a fraction of the cost & time commitment. Your child can engage with our qualified teachers and other students, all from the comfort of your home!

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Our founder, Dr. Lisa Hansen, Ed.D. explains how our program started and why so many parents are choosing us as a preschool alternative.

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Growing Brilliant offers more of what you need from preschool, and less of what you don’t!

Preschool Is EXPENSIVE. We Deliver Quality Without The Cost.

Not ready to spend up to $500+ per week on drop-off preschool? Our high-quality at-home program starts at only $19/week.

Better Option For Parents Who Want Education, Not Childcare.

Our program is perfect for those who do not need preschool for the “babysitting” aspects. You may not be dependent on childcare because you work from home, stay at home with your child, or have a nanny or grandparent already taking care of your child.

Spend More Time With Your Child.

Families across the U.S. want more time with their children. Our program offers an alternative to drop off preschool. Our parents are more involved in their child’s learning. Spend quality time with your little one during their most important early years with Growing Brilliant.

Flexible, Custom Schedules.

We offer 1, 2, 3, or 5-day weekly, custom, and irregular class schedules. Pick the time and schedule that YOU want. Other Preschools typically only offer full or half-day options and require you to commit to a specific schedule, such as T/TH, M/W/F, or M-F.

Save Time.

No driving or time spent shuttling to school. Getting the kids ready, loaded into the car, dropped off, and picked up can take hours out of your day. We help you save that valuable time.

Not Ready For In-Person Preschool?

Many parents simply aren’t ready to send their child to preschool yet, for many reasons. It can be hard to put your child’s care in the trust of strangers. We are the perfect alternative!

Avoid The Recurring Preschool Illness Cycle.

Children spread sickness a little too well in preschools. Do you and your friends feel like your families are perpetually sick? Break the cycle!

Think Outside the Traditional preschool box!

online preschool curriculum box

Get Our Curriculum Box Delivered to Your Door.

Receive curriculum boxes filled with the supplies needed to participate in class activities. New boxes ship to replenish supplies on a recurring schedule, depending on your enrolled program, at no additional cost. Children will have so much fun learning through hands-on activities!

Live Classes Led By Qualified Preschool Teachers.

Your child will attend classes from the comfort of home with other students via video chat. 45-minute classes are led by amazing Growing Brilliant preschool teachers. Our curriculum was developed to mirror our award-winning in-person preschool programs.

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Curious? Schedule A No-Risk Free Trial Class.

We offer a revolutionary program, and we want you to try it! There is no obligation to enroll after your trial class. However, we are confident your family will love our program!

Teaching 60+ subjects Through Fun, Hands-On Activities!

We believe that preschool children learn best through hands-on activities and quality class materials. Our unique at-home program keeps students engaged with creative activities, interactive stories, and a world-class curriculum. This makes our lessons fun, fresh, and diverse. Your child will have so much fun; they will have no idea they are learning!

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Children & Parents Love us!

Did you Know?

Research indicates that children who attend a high-quality early learning program have higher math and reading skills, are better prepared for kindergarten, behave better in class, and are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college!

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Our Programs


Early Explorers

Learning Program for Preschoolers

Ages 2-3


Little Learners

Learning Program for Preschoolers

Ages 3-4



Kindergarten Readiness

Learning Program for Preschoolers

Ages 4-5


Kindergarten Club

Learning Program for Kindergarteners

Ages 5-6


Online Preschool For 5 to 6-Year-Olds


With Growing Brilliant, children will engage with interactive books, socialize, create art, and so much more. Students can obtain an exclusive education at a fraction of the cost of preschool.

Classes are taught live, through video chat, by qualified and AMAZING preschool teachers. Additionally, we will send you a recurring delivery of a curriculum box with the supplies needed to complete the live classes. Every class is educationally based, with various fun, engaging, hands-on activities! Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond through over 60 subjects and developmental areas.

Experienced & Loving Teachers

Amazing, loving, and experienced teachers are the key to our program. We offer qualified teachers that have a passion for early learning. They have the perfect mix of experience, knowledge of child development, and loving, nurturing attitudes. Hundreds of teachers apply to work at our schools, but only a small percentage are chosen. We have the best and brightest teachers on our team. You and your child deserve nothing less!

Made For Learning, Designed To be fun!



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