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What Our Families Are Saying About Our Program

As a stay-at-home parent, this program is amazing!! Really professional and top-tier staff and teachers. Great at-home program for my 3 and 6-year-old developing minds. They honestly learn something new every day. My son & daughter learned so much here!

– Nikki M

I use this program as a work-from-home Mom. I was surprised by how many materials they ship us (included in the class cost!) The teachers do so many fun & creative activities with my kiddos. They actually look forward to attending. Best of all – it’s all in the comfort of my home!  

– Hilary

My daughter has been doing this program for almost a year, and she loves the friends she has made. I figured it would be difficult for an (almost) 3-year-old to choose to listen and pay attention. However, she is actually sad when class ends. I couldn’t recommend this enough!

– Emily K

My child loves the classes offered plus has made some really cute artwork. She’s also learning and looks forward to seeing her classmates and teachers online! Growing Brilliant is a blessing in this new digital world!

– Kathryn P

I love that my son is in a class with kids from all over the country. What a neat way to meet people from all over and learn about different states and cities while we are at it. Plus, the live interaction is perfect for a 3-year-old who likes to sing along and talk to the teacher.  

– Jennifer R

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Teachers are engaging my 4-year-old virtually, which I did not think was possible. They definitely have amazing teachers. Also, the mail-in package of school crafts and supplies is a major bonus!  

– Sheila A

We love our amazing experience with Ms. Jennifer for our 3 year old. She kept him engaged for 45 mins and covered a bunch of topics from reading, math, days of the week, letters, writing, and art. She made it fun and memorable for him that he wanted to continue drawing and learning. What an amazing program!

– Michelle V

We are super happy with the Growing Brilliant online classes for our son. He is on the 5 days a week course for kindergarten readiness and he LOVES it! Everyday he sings the songs and goes on and on about his class. I already recommended to other family and friends!

– Sara O

Very engaging! High quality online program. My 4 year old loves it!

– Nicole W

Best program, best teachers, best customer service EVER! Love the program and my 4 year old too!!! Best Online Option!

– Adriana W

I can’t say enough about Growing Brilliant. From the curriculum to the teachers, it was all fantastic. My son thoroughly enjoyed being part of this program. Also, the convenience of having the school supplies mailed to us was great! Special kudos to Ms. Deborah and Ms. Zenobi, they are such dedicated and talented teachers!!

– Laci

Jax has been in Kindergarten Readiness with Ms. Keyana for a few months now. He loves his class so much and especially loves Ms. Keyana. He talks about her constantly! He looks forward to participating every single class and loves the books and activities. We are so thankful for Ms. Keyana as she is his very first teacher!!!!

– Sara Silvestro

Our daughter April is 4 and does the readiness class 3 days a week and has a great time! It’s nice during all this to still get her some interaction with other kids, a kind and enthusiastic teacher, and a place to sing songs/write/do crafts. I love the idea of the curriculum box too, makes class readiness super easy!

– Steve

My son Kaleo loves learning with Ms.Colette. She takes time to involve each child during the lessons. Her bright and energetic learning style is exactly what Kaleo needs! Thank you Growing Brilliant for arranging online preschool! It has made learning at home so fun!

– Vanessa Runco

My 4 year old daughter just started Little Learners class with Ms. Jennifer recently. She has only done 3 classes and is already picking up on the letter of the day’s sign, sound and even writing them! She has a speech delay so that fact that she is saying the sounds correctly has blown my mind! Ms. Jennifer teaches in a way that is so engaging, fun and really sticks with the kids! 🙂 She LOVES “her school” and is always asking for more of it, even attending 5 days a week. Growing Brilliant is the best!

– Kristin

Very interactive and fun. Kids are encouraged to ask questions and participate with assistance from their teacher and parent. We really love the fact that it’s online, they do activities, and it works with our family schedule.

– Margarita

I have nothing but great things to say about Growing Brilliant. I love their curriculum and teachers! They find such a fun way to engage with the students online. I definitely recommend signing up for the classes!

– Cindy

A wonderful program to keep our son on track. They have amazing monthly bases topics which keep kids learning thoroughly. Teachers are wonderful and our son absolutely loves it so far.

– Smruti Sahoo

The class and the teacher were so wonderful and informative. The sign up process was user friendly. All of my questions were answered immediately and the administrators were so helpful and kind. I would highly suggest Growing Brilliant.

– Anastasiya B

My son loves the interaction with his teacher and looks forward to class each day. The content and teacher are wonderful and keeps him engaged the entire time. I would recommend Growing Brilliant in a heartbeat to all families looking for a way for their child to learn from home.

– Tiffany W