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Here are some of the most asked questions parents like you have about our time-tested program.

General Program Information

What makes Growing Brilliant different?

Our academy accelerates children’s learning and development faster than children receive in a traditional preschool. Our curriculum is well-rounded and designed to educate the whole child. Our classes are always taught live by amazing and qualified preschool teachers, and we ship you a curriculum box full of all the materials your child will need to participate fully in class. We believe that learning is best when done with fun, hands-on activities, so our curriculum is structured so each class offers a variety of hands-on learning experiences.

What ages does your developmental program serve?

​​Our program is perfect for children ages 2-6. These ages are recommended based on developmental milestones most children meet while in this age range. 

Are you open year-round?

Yes! You don’t need to take a break when learning is this fun!

Are parents/caregivers involved in classes?

Our classes are designed so children, with the help and guidance of their teacher, can participate with minimal support from their caregivers. Generally, caregivers set up the supplies at the beginning of class and stay near if the children need help and/or supervision. 

What happens if I miss a class?

Makeup classes are based on availability. Please reach out to our admissions team via [email protected] or by phone 833-255-5788 to reschedule a missed class on a date and time that works best for you. 

How do I know that my child is ready for the next program level?

Our online classes are based on age, but also take into account the developmental level of children. Your child’s teacher will also note if they feel that your child is ready for the next level in our academy. If you feel that your child may be ready for the next program, you may reach out to our admissions team via email or by phone 833-255-5788.

How many days per week is the program?

We offer multiple schedule options so you can choose one that works best for your family. We offer 1-day a week, 2-day a week, 3-day a week, or 5-day a week (M-F) schedules.

How can I learn more about my child’s teacher and other teachers?

You can learn more about all our teachers by clicking here!

What device or application do I need for the classes?

You will need a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone with internet access, a camera, and the Zoom application so your child can participate and see their teacher and classmates optimally. Some parents also cast the screen onto their television so their children can see even better. 

Will my child really be engaged and pay attention?

Yes! We have literally built our academy and curriculum around this goal. Our class duration and structure are designed for children ages 2-6 to stay engaged during the entire 45-minute class. It is extremely common for students to need a few class sessions to feel comfortable enough to engage actively, participate fully, and pay attention. Learning patience, structure, and rules in a class setting is part of the learning process. The more children attend our classes, the better they learn these skills.

Free Trial Classes & Enrollment

How does the free class work?

Your free trial class is always free of cost and free of obligation! Your child will join a real class so that the experience is exactly how it will be when you enroll. We will send you a list of materials you will need to participate, most of which can be found around the home, so your child can fully participate in class with the other children. 

Want to try a free class? Click here.

When is your enrollment period?

Anytime! You can enroll your child at any time throughout the year. Your child will be able to seamlessly join the class and start learning whenever the timing is right for you. 

How does the enrollment process work?

After you enroll your child, your starter curriculum box will ship to you and should arrive in 5-10 business days. You can choose to start classes immediately and use materials you have on hand until your box comes, or you may decide to begin as soon as your curriculum box arrives. 

Curriculum Boxes

What is included in the curriculum box?

Our curriculum box is stuffed with all the materials your child will need to participate in our classes. The contents of each box will vary depending on what program your child is enrolled in. Some of the items included are clay, crayons, scissors, paint, markers, paper, craft supplies, a dry-erase board, instruments, worksheets, pipe cleaners, glue, a paint pallet, and so much more! 

Please see individual program pages for more specific information on what is included in the curriculum boxes.  Additional boxes are available for purchase if supplies run out.

What if I run out of materials early, am missing an item, or need a replacement item?

In any of these circumstances, please email [email protected] or call 833-255-5788 to talk to our team.

Prices and Policies

How much does your program cost?

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $35, and our tuition is charged weekly based on the number of days a week that you attend class. Our weekly prices are:

  • 1 day a week = $19/week
  • 2 days a week = $34/week
  • 3 days a week = $49/week
  • 5 days a week = $74/week

Can I pause my account temporarily?

Yes! We understand that sometimes life gets hectic, and you just need to press pause on some things. Just let us know the date that your child will return and we will resume charging your account when you are able to attend class again.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, you will need to let our admissions team know that you’d like to cancel before the next billing cycle. To cancel, please email [email protected] or call 833-255-5788 to talk to our admissions team.

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