LinkedIn Has Added Stay-At-Home As A Job Title

LinkedIn Has Added Stay-At-Home As A Job Title

Stay-at-home parents are missing resume dates due to time away from the workforce. Not anymore, thanks to LinkedIn

A New Job Title

LinkedIn has added ‘stay-at-home’ as a job title that has moms, dads, and caregivers rejoicing. It is an imperative section to the stay-at-home caregiver’s resume to be able to list their time at home.  A gap of time missing from a resume can lead potential employers to question the applicant’s qualifications and tenure. Even though the stay-at-home parent was at home taking care of their child or even an ill loved one, some may think it is not ‘actual work’. Listen, being at home and taking care of someone that has needs that must be met is work. Staying at home and taking care of said person plus the daily tasks of keeping a household running is work. It is a commendable, accurate job title and one that should be proudly listed and accepted on a resume.   


Why The Change?

Cue Covid-19 and the pandemic to make matters worse for job-seekers and employees. Those that were working when the pandemic started had to readjust their daily and professional life. Schools were closing or limiting enrollment. Businesses were forced to close or adjust their hours. That left parents scrambling to find a solution to their new reality. Not knowing how long the closures and limitations would last, some parents had no other choice but to stay home. In October 2020 there were more than 2 million women out of the workforce due to these constraints. Women and children were the most affected by this pandemic due to most men having a higher-paying wage. However, now that schools are opening and businesses have found clever ways to limit exposure to Covid, it is time to reopen the workforce. But that brings up an issue with the work gap on the resume. A flood of thoughts and worry that the ‘gap’ will not be welcomed. This is what started the revolution and foresight to change how employers will view potential candidate’s resumes moving forward. As well as former employers that need to accept the title of the time gap when their employee chooses to rejoin the business. The time spent at home must be viewed as time worked. This news couldn’t have come at a better time for these women and men who are ready to start work again. It is great timing for LinkedIn to add Stay-At-Home as a job title.

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