Magical Potions for Halloween Week

Wizard’s Fun for Halloween Week

magical potions


Magical potions are what’s in store for this Halloween week of fun! Our wizard is in her Wizard’s Lab to make a special magical potion! Mixing colors and ingredients sure are the best part of watching how a clear liquid turns different colors. Add in some magical ingredients and watch it bubble over! You can try this at home with your little Wizard’s. Try using water, food coloring (bright neon colors are fun, too), baking soda, and white vinegar. It can get messy, but that’s is when all the fun happens! Just be sure to cover your lab workspace and yourself in case your potion gets too fizzy. Most of all, have fun!

Join us in the wizard’s potion lab for fizzy fun science experiment! Our Wizard shows us how to make magical potions for Halloween Week that are colorful and sparkly.

We have a week-long video series of videos for Halloween Week! If you missed them on our Facebook Live you can find them here.

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