Kindergarten Readiness Program – Kindergarten Readiness Classes for Children in Rocklin, CA


Kindergarten Readiness Classes (Ages 3-5 yrs)

After attending our Kindergarten Readiness class for one year, your child will already have been exposed to many of the Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten.

    • Low Child to Teacher Ratio, Typically 8:1 or Less
    • Classes Meet Once Per Week, Four Times Per Month
    • 2.5 Hour Class Sessions
    • We Strongly Recommend A Minimum of One Year In This Program

Take a Break! Children in this program are gaining more independence, so caretaker participation is not required. While parents are always welcome, your child can also be dropped off.

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Prepare Your Preschooler for Kindergarten State Standards Now!

At Growing Brilliant we offer a kindergarten readiness program for preschool aged children. This class is designed specifically to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. Our interactive and engaging lessons will lay the foundation for lifelong learning. The program has been carefully planned by a preschool teacher and a credentialed elementary school teacher. Both teachers specialize in early reading & math instruction. Our fun, yet rigorous program can be used to supplement, or even completely replace, regular preschool. Private tutoring can also be arranged to further prepare your child for kindergarten.

What Your Child Will Learn:

Math Standards

    • Counting Skills
    • Number Sense
    • Addition & Subtraction
    • Measurement
    • Shape Identification

English Language Arts & Literacy Standards

    • Story Comprehension
    • Retelling
    • Story Structure (i.e. identify characters, setting, & major events)
    • Phonological Awareness & Word Recognition
    • Decoding
    • Print Concepts

Why Kindergarten Readiness at Growing Brilliant?

    • Give your child a head start on Kindergarten
    • Structured learning designed to develop your child intellectually
    • Social development with other children
    • Vocabulary, reading and more taught
    • Reading prep designed to increase reading level
    • Standards-Based Curriculum
    • Pre-K and Kindergarten Standards
    • Highly Qualified Teachers
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Engaging Lessons to keep child’s attention

Standards Based Curriculum

The Growing Brilliant Kindergarten Readiness class prepares preschool students for the newly implemented Common Core State Standards required of K-12 students in multiple states, including California. With the right instruction, preschoolers are actually quite capable of mastering many of the kindergarten standards. We will assess your child’s knowledge of the kindergarten Common Core standards when they enter our program and you will receive regular updates on their individual progress. We use differentiated instruction, so your child can work comfortably at his/her own pace.

Our Kindergarten Readiness classes are offered in Rocklin, CA on Wednesdays. Looking for a full preschool program? Click here!

Give your child the head start they deserve. Start preparing them for kindergarten now!

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