Science and Literacy In a Bag

Color Mixing Sensory Bag – At Home Preschool Activity

science and literacy in a bag

Science and literacy in a bag? Yes! Our Preschool teachers and their students love to play with sensory bags. There are a million items that you can include in the bag to make it fun and engaging. For example, you can add glitter, beads, foam shapes and letters, and so much more. For this color mixing sensory bag activity, we used blue and yellow paint, a sandwich-sized Ziploc, and scotch tape to attach to a window. Simple, fun, and educational all at the same time!

Science in a Bag

What makes this activity fall under the umbrella of science and literacy is quite unique. The science portion starts when you’re pouring the colors together into the bag. Notice how the colors start to mix and change? Science! You can speak with your child and ask questions about what they think is happening to the separate paint colors once they’ve come together inside the bag. Surely you will receive a lot of answers, and questions, too. After the paint is in the bag and you’ve zipped it closed, tape it to a window in your home to allow the light to peek through the colors in the bag. Your child will have fun squishing the paint together to mix and create other colors of the rainbow. Watch as the colors blend and move. It is fascinating to watch science in motion!

Literacy in a Bag

Now here comes the lesson of literacy in a bag. Once the colors are mixed, ask your child to draw their name on the painted bag with their finger. Voila! They can see their name in the bag! Next, you can ask them to draw shapes or letters. Want to draw more? Simply swipe the outside of the bag with a hand and it’s all cleared to begin again. The amount of writing and drawing is endless.

To make your very own Science and Literacy in a bag, below are the needed materials.


  • Ziploc bag (any size, but larger is best to allow for more finger movement)
  • Paint – any colors you’d like to use
  • Tape

science and literacy in a bag

science and literacy in a bagscience and literacy in a bag


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