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  • Preschool Ocean Life Sensory Bag

    Ocean Life Senses The ocean is a fun place to play and explore! There are a lot of creatures and things to be found at the beach and in the ocean. This fun, ocean sensory bag is a great way to bring the ocean to your home so your child can see and feel items […]


  • Ocean Sensory Bin For Preschoolers

    Fun Preschool Activity Digging into the “sea” of an ocean sensory bin can be an imaginative and fun activity for children. This ocean sensory bin for preschoolers is a fun way to teach your child all about the ocean and ocean life while they enjoy the feel of the water beads running their fingers. Sensory […]


  • Fall Sensory Bins – Ideas for Parents

    Being Creative with Fall Sensory Bins Ms. Veronica shares some fall sensory bins and ideas for parents to create for their child. She also talks with us about the importance of sensory play and all the different sounds, smells, and textures that you can use. Why use a sensory bin? Sensory play is targeted for […]