Toddler Activity Idea: Visit A Petting Zoo

Toddlers are always intrigued by different animals, where they live, and what they eat. This Fall, a great way to keep the learning going is to visit a petting zoo with your child. Exposing children to different animals, their habitats, and their environment is a fun way to work on many social and emotional skills like self-confidence, trust, and self-esteem.

There are so many other benefits of learning about animals and nature. You can talk to your child about respect and responsibility, and how animals need proper care and attention. Here are some fun toddler activities that you can do with your little one while visiting the petting zoo!

  • Have your toddler find the animals that eat hay:
    • How does it feel when touching the hay?
    • Can you try and feed one of the animals?
    • How do you feel about taking care of them?
  • How many big animals does your toddler see?
    • Can you count out loud?
  • How many small animals does your toddler see?
    • Can you count with your fingers?
  • Is there a fruit or vegetable that the animals eat that your toddler also likes? 

We hope you have fun with this activity during your visit to the petting zoo!

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